Facilities a Good Boarding School must have

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Published: 13th June 2011
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There is a huge list of International boarding schools available that vary from day schools to the rare student boarding schools. You will find many such schools that will be offering weekly boarding or a half way house, which allows the students to stay in school fro occasions or a certain time period so that their parents work schedule is not disturbed.

But it needs to be thought upon that what type of facilities these International boarding schools provide, because these usually differ from each other. Staying in a boarding school is much different than staying in a day school. These boarding schools provide extra time for a completed educational course, which will include sports, cultural activities, outdoor activities and group activities conducted on regular basis. All the best boarding schools in India benefit from this concept. The schools that are inefficient or have fewer boarders in their boarding schools tend to ignore such activities that would leave the boarders at a loose end.

Usually those parents put their children in boarding schools who cannot find a good one in their city or in an area near by or those parents tend to put their children in boarding school who don’t have time from their hectic office schedule and lifestyle. Children might take this in a different way, some would find it fun as they like to have freedom and would enjoy the lifestyle there, on the other hand some children might feel neglected and might feel home sick, but good boarding schools have a lot of different experiences for the children and even those who don’t like them enjoy studying there.

A few things that parents must consider while choosing a boarding school:

Distance: Usually parents would like to put their children in boarding schools that is close to their house and could reach there in one and half hours time. They would like to stay in touch with their children and know about their safety and good health. If, a good boarding school is not nearby, they would want to put their children in boarding schools where they have friends or relatives who could take care of them in case of immediate emergency.

Routine and extra-curricular activities: There are many reasons for parents to put their children in boarding schools two of them are the schedule and the extra-curricular activities carried on in the school for the development of the child. They are very interested in knowing the kind of routine their child would follow in the day and the activities that would be organized for them. They enquire whether the child is free to choose his activity as per his interest or he is compelled to follow what the teachers ask him to do in school? They would also like to have information on what type of outings these international boarding schools organize and how often? Does the school take part in state and city sports interschool competition or no and will their child be brought forward for such activities?

Home Contact: Parents though not very far would like to stay in touch with their children, so they would like to know if the boarding school has enough contact means like telephone or email facility or webcam to the boarding students to contact their family and friends.

Food and Health: We all know that parents take very good care of their children when it comes to health and food. And they look for the same thing when they want to send their children to the boarding. Any good international boarding school will have good food and health facility for the child. Parents enquire about the type of food provided and whether the child can buy other food items to eat? They are more interested in what are the kitchen facilities and hygiene? Whether their child will get good medical attention when not well is also a point to consider?

Vacations: One question that bothers all [parents when searching a good international boarding school is how many vacations and long is those vacations? Are parents allowed to take their child out in middle of the session if they wished or if there is some emergency at home. Parents would not like to miss a chance to be with their kids and if vacations are planned in the schools then they could also plan their things at work.

Illness: What medical provisions does the boarding school have for a sick child? Do they their doctors for treatment and nurses to take care of their children within the premises or no? Are the doctors and nurses well qualified will they be able to treat their child?

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